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It is advisable (and sometimes needed) to combine forces to get your animal ‘back on track’. Together with a network of partners and experts we can do and know more to help your animal. Mol Dierenosteopathie works in close collaboration or sometimes ask advice/refers to the following partners & experts:

Nutritional advice for horses

  • Equilin (www.equilin.eu)
    You can order Equilin products at Mol DierenOsteopathie.

Nutritional advice for dogs

  • NaturaVetal
    Premium dogfood, based solely on natural ingredients
    You can order NaturaVetal products at Mol DierenOsteopathie.


​Horse dentist and bitfitting

​Dog physiotherapy/ chiropractor

  • Inge van Leeuwen (www.ingedierfysiotherapie.nl)

​Horse physiotherapy and lasertherapy horses

Behavioural expert horses

​International College for Research on Equine Osteopathy

Classical riding instructor

​Animal Osteopaths (close collaboration)

Neutralization of harmful radiation from the earth and environment (for example from wells)