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Osteopathy for animals

Osteopathy is a safe and fully manual way of treatment and is based on knowledge of anatomy and physiology.  An osteopath searches for the cause of a complaint and visions the body as a whole. Thus the diagnose is based on a full bodily examination in which the spinal column, joints, muscles, connective tissue and organs are taken into account.

The cause of several complaints and problems in the body are often due to other, less likely, parts of the body (for instance due to less movability). An osteopath loosens the body where needed, and in this way, helps to reduce the complaints with primarily soft interventions.

By doing so, the clinician brings the functioning of the body back in balance as well and stimulates the self-healing ability of the body.

The period between treatments is approximately 2-6 weeks.  The body needs this time to get to a new balance. In most cases, in between one to three treatments are needed to expect improvement of the complaints. Often, the more acute the complaint, the faster the result of the treatment.


An osteopath can help with complaints in the area of brushing/ saddling/ riding, in the area of breeding, health, handling and various other issues in movement, posture and behaviour

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An osteopath can help with complaints in movement, posture, behaviour and the ‘internal dog’

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About me

My name is Marijke Mol-Peters. As a child I always had a passion for animals, especially horses. I am active in dressage and eventing with my own horses. My interest goes out for breeding and working in hand as well.

In 2012 I graduated the human physiotherapy study at Thim van der Laan in Nieuwegein. Afterwards, to broaden my knowledge, I did several studies and courses (shoulder complaints, dry needling, shockwave therapy, McKenzie MDT, musculoskeletal revalidation and manual therapy). I specialized myself in helping riders and amazons by ‘rider balance training’ and flexchair training. I work part time as a human musculoskeletal consultant at Rugpoli Delden.

In 2014 I started with the study; osteopathy for animals at ICREO which takes three years. In 2017 I graduated and am active as an animal osteopath ever since. I mainly tread horses and dogs but I have experience with cats and cows as well. 

The regions where I usually tread animals are Twente, Achterhoek, Salland (The Netherlands) and Niedersachsen/ Nordrhein-Westfalen (Germany).


It is important your animal is clean and dry. Also, to get an optimal result, it is better if the animal does not do any physical work two hours prior to the treatment.

A consultation consists of:

History taking
Observation in standing and movement



During the treatment dry needling is used if needed. Dry needling is an effective treatment form to relax ‘muscle tensions’ (myofascial triggerpoints), by stinging these muscles with a thin acupuncture needle. Often, the relaxation of the muscle is directly noticeable.

Sometimes manipulations (sometimes refrained as ‘cracking’) are needed as well to relieve a limitation of movement range.

After treatment
Osteopathic treatment  can have a great impact on an animal. It is therefore advised not to work or train with the animal for several days after treatment. In this way, the animal has an optimal chance to react to the treatment and find a new better bodily balance. A horse may go in the field or paddock and/or walked in hand.

A dog can be walked, but should not run (next to the bike), nor should it play with a stick or ball or train intensively. After a period of rest, the animal can continue training gradually.

Contra indications:
Treatment will not be executed when:

There are acute colic symptoms
Directly after trauma
In the first and last period of pregnancy
Serious lamenes



These prices do not include traveling costs.

Traveling costs
0 – 30 kmfree
30 – 45 km€15,-
45 – 60 km€25,-
60 – 75 km€35,- (only with more than one animal)
75 – 90 km€45,- (only with more than one animal)
The traveling costs are per location, the costs can be split over the animal owners when more animals from different owners are treated at a single location.

Possible deliberation with veterinarians, Para veterinarians, instructors, farrier, etc. are included in the treatment prices.

Do you have multiple animals on one location or in the same region? Contact me for an optional discount.

Free screening: you can always ask me for a free screening of another animal if I am already at a location treating an animal. A screening is an analysis of the animal to get an impression of the nature of complaints. The owner will always be consulted in case of recommended osteopathic treatment and an appointment can then be made directly.

Cancelation of an appointment should be done 24 hours in advance or half of the consultation- and, if applicable, full traveling costs will be billed.


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